Jake + Domini: Crystal Tree Country and Golf Club Wedding Photography, Orland Park Illinois photographer

Jake and Domini’s wedding was a perfectly elegant wedding to start off the 2017 wedding season season! Domini and the bridesmaids got ready at her parents house, while Jake and the groomsmen got ready at Homewood Suites in Orland Park. Both were minutes away from the ceremony at Our Lady of the Woods. The rain held off in the morning for a few outdoor photos, and even though it drizzled in the afternoon we found the main doors in front of the country club was still beautiful for images. Jake and Domini’s son Harrison stole the show in his buggy as he was pulled down the aisle, decked out in his adorable little tuxedo!! This wedding was a mixture of gold, blush and cremes, with small details that tied it together beautifully. The maids wore formal floor length gold gowns, and the bride opted out of a veil and instead wore a gorgeous jeweled headpiece. It showed off her beautiful hairdo and adding even more glam to her already stunning dress! Congratulations Jake + Domini, it was such a fun wedding!

A very special thank you to all of the creative vendors who helped put this together!

Planner: One Fine Day Events

Ceremony: Our Lady of the Woods

Reception: Crystal Tree Golf and Country Club

Hair & Makeup: Total Image Hair and Makeup

Photography: Brittany Lynn Studios

Florist: Bella Flora

Transportation: Windy City Lino

Band: Connexion

Cake: Dominos Pastries

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