Kevin + Katie, Hinsdale Golf Country Club: Wedding Photographer

If you are from Chicago, you know that you can never predict the weather for April. Luckily, Kevin & Katie got the first beautiful day of Spring for their wedding day on April 5th. Their wedding was so elegant, and Katie made an absolutely stunning bride in her lace gown. The spring colors bloomed in the bridesmaids bouquets, and I loved the adorable tulips that lined the tables for the reception! The ceremony was held at The Christ Church of Oakbrook, and the reception was held at the magnificent Hinsdale Golf Club. Their guests were dancing all night, and I can safely say that it was the longest congo line I have ever seen at a reception!!! It was such a fun wedding, thank you two for letting me capture your beautiful memories!!!

Dress: Bridal Boutique of Naperville
Cake: Kirschbaums Bakery 
DJ: Chicago Mobile DJs
Limo: Windy City
Hair: Mr. Nicks
Makeup: Jessica McKane
Flowers: Bella Flora
Photography: Brittany Lynn Studios

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