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I did a few bridal shows that year, and this year I decided it was time to go all out with my booth design. I wanted gold, glitter, and definitely something that represented my brand- Brittany Lynn Studios. We are boutique wedding photographers based out of Chicago, Illinois, so the market is completely saturated over here. I LOVE bridal shows because we meet so many wonderful couples, and sometimes after a short conversation we just click and immediately I hear from them! If they are in your budget, I definitely think bridal shows are worth it if you work them right. I asked a few of my past brides to help me out at the show, this way couples who couldn’t speak directly with me still had someone with direct knowledge of my work to talk to. Booths for the right shows in Chicago are expensive, but booking a few weddings from them definitely make it worth it! But make sure you are prepared if you are going to sign up for one!! You need LOTS of print outs, brochures & business cards. I had various books printed, and hung canvas from my backdrop with some ribbon. It’s super easy and inexpensive, so I am able to switch them out at various shows if I get sick of them :)

Here are some of ways I set up my booth:

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I did an enter to win sign! I purchased the sign from TJ Maxx and then spray painted it pink, and another coat of gold glitter spray on top. Pretty much anything I could get my hands on got painted gold :D I used a chalkboard paint to paint on the “Enter to Win” sign. The birdcage was from JoAnne Fabrics, and I used these to hold my raffle ticket entry forms on top of. I had my appointment book with me to set up consults directly at the show which was an awesome idea I got on Facebook. bridal show pics (2 of 13)

I found a few chic frames at TJ Maxx HomeGoods (ahhhh its so addicting when I shop there!!) and just printed out my wedding wire & knot badges that I won this year. Super easy! bridal show pics (3 of 13)

Joanne Fabrics also had some cute “smile” and “mr&mrs” signs that… of course got spray painted gold! The white flowers actually doubled as pens! bridal show pics (5 of 13)bridal show pics (4 of 13)bridal show pics (6 of 13)bridal show pics (7 of 13)bridal show pics (8 of 13)

Ohhhhh the sugar cookies!!!! I found these super cute camera cookie-cut outs on amazon prime…. lets just say I ruined 3 batched until I finally got it right. These were a HUGE hit though- I ran out of almost 200 cookies within an hour!!! bridal show pics (9 of 13)

I have a copy of my USB drive to show the brides, next time I am definitely going to make sure I have a few duplicates!

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The amazing pocket books were a huge hit… they all disappeared after the show!

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THE LINENS!!! I searched EVERYWHERE for a rose-gold blush sequin linen….. and couldn’t find them ANYWHERE! So, I went online and found a whole-sale linen company in California. My amazzzinnnggg mother who used to sew her own clothes in the 70’s made these for me- and people came to my booth thinking I was a wedding planner!!bridal show pics (12 of 13)

This was the overall set up of the show! I insist that I bring my fabulous pink couch to every show… even though no one sits on it but COME ON how cute is it?!? Oh one more detail… that huge frame with my logo on it, also spray painted it glittery gold :D

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Lastly, here is a shot of Danny and I at our booth before the 400 brides went through!




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